Autoposting to Telegram channels

aPosterBot – Autoposting to Telegram channels

Autoposting content from VKontakte to Telegram channels

aPosterBot screen shot 1aPosterBot screen shot 2


Create an utility (telegram bot) which automatically reposts Vkontakte public walls to channels of Telegram.

What is done

The utility-bot “aPosterBot” for Telegram messenger is realized on a modular technology with a distribution of a loading on the servers cluster, which provides users with a high fault tolerance and high speed. To get the scheduled harvesting a high-performance trigger module based on Redis is used. The server-to-server API increases the productivity, reliability and fault tolerance.

Bot features

• Scheduled data parsing delays (10 minutes)
• Absolutely free for usage
• Authorization in control panel throug the bot @aPosterBot
• Text commands support and a button type control
• Opportunity to rate the bot, write a review on or contact the developer