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We develop BOTS for Telegram, Skype, Viber, WhatsUp, Kik, Facebook Messenger и Slack.

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We develop BOTS for Telegram, Skype, Viber, WhatsUp, Kik, Facebook Messenger and Slack.

Why your business needs bot

Involve customers
Send them news, new deals, any content from GIFs to commercial offers.

Support users
Answer their questions, receive feedbacks, solve issues.

Sell goods and services
Sell your goods or services right in the messenger.

Why hiring us for the bot development

Noticeable experience in various bots development
From simple posters to e-commerce bots and games
Reasonable cost of development (starting at $15)

Smart technology
Fast performance and quick answers (few milliseconds)
Multilingual platform
Build-in billing through PayPal, Visa, WebMoney, Qiwi and etc.
Tight integration with social networks

Best hosting for bots
Resilience as a result of the used technical solutions
Using Redis/Scheduler which provides high performance and real-time answers
Scalability to distribute the load on a server cluster
Six months of free use when ordering hosting bot
Already installed SSL certificate for https

Detailed reports and management of your bot
Statistical reports
Bot settings


Game “Hello, Stranger” – text quest for Telegram and Skype messenger

Autoposter to Telegram channels – utility (telegram bot) which automatically reposts Vkontakte publics to channels of Telegram.

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