“Hello, Stranger!” text game-quest for Telegram & Skype

“Hello, Stranger!”

Text game-quest for Telegram & Skype messengers

Hello, Stranger screenshot 1Hello, Stranger screenshot 2


Create a game-bot representing a text adventure based on a user-character communication.

What is done

Game-bot “Hello, Stranger” for Telegram messenger is realized on a modular technology with a distribution of a loading on the servers cluster, which provides users with a high fault tolerance and high speed. To get the scheduled game delays (for example during the sleep of a character) a high-performance trigger module based on Redis, called by server server API was used which increases a future productivity, reliability and fault tolerance.

Bot features

• Scheduled game delays (for example during the sleep of a character)
• Opportunity to invite friends into the game
• Bot billing (many ways to pay for the game)
• Text commands support and a button type control
• Opportunity to get back to the last savepoint or restart the game
• Opportunity to rate the game, write a review on storebot.me or contact the developer
• Multi-language support